Friday, January 13, 2012

Theme of this blog: Becoming a Vegan Athlete

 I am a Political Science major, minoring in International Politics whose passioin is health and fitness.  This is something that I over a month long holiday break from classes realized. I spend many more hours each week creating my meals and planning/executing my workouts than I do reading my notes, or reading from my assigned text.  I will scan the latest international news articles, while I diligently read the articles on detoxing the body naturally and how to most effectively lose body fat without losing muscle mass.  I am sure that I mischoose my major but since I am a senior I have no inclination to change my major this late in the game.  I do know that I will graduate with a Pol Sci degree in December 2012 and I also know that I will have my personal training certification by the end of 2012.  The summer would be an ideal time to do that as the time needed to study the material for getting my personal training certification will be time consuming and I can not have that interferring with my major studies. 

I figured out that over the holiday break as well that I am not so much interested in poltics as I am interested in the idea of being interested in politics. I feel very strongly that the political is personal so I decided in the beginning of my junior year that I should major in Poli Sci. Was this a mistake, mayhap but I do know that I have a great understanding of our politcal system than the average person because of the classes I have taken so I am happy nevertheless on what I have learned so far. On the other hand I also am very aware that I know tenfold the amount of information on being a vegan athlete than I do about any of the Republican candiates for president or the current Iranian/Persian Gulf issue. 

SO all that is said so that I can say that the theme of my blog is my expereince with becoming a vegan athlete.  I am still in the very beginning stages of athletism and veganism- 12 days strong! .I have reached my end of 2011 weight loss goal of losing 90lbs.  Now that I am at my average high school weight of 147lbs I feel that I can (almost) earnstly begin creating the body I want with weight training and cardio.  The almost part comes in because I can only lose so much bodyfat  while I am breastfeeding -currently at 32% and would like to get to 17%.  I am increasing the duration of my workouts from 30-45 minutes 5 days a week to 45-60 minutes 6 days a week, but I also am increasing my caloric intake to match that. I feel that I am past the moderate training phase that got me to my end of 2011 goal weight so now I can engage in more intense training sessions.  There is a certain amount of vanity behind my reasons to exercise more and harder but there is also a purpose and that purpose is to become an athlete again.  I want to do triathlons, tri-fitness competitions, marathons, ect.  I loved being a high school athlete and want to become an athlete again so I will. 

My postings will becoming more regularly as I share training plans, meals plans, and the like on this blog.  I want to dive into the world of veganism and my experiences with it including how I am able to eat on the cheap; how I create my meal plans and the tools I use to do so.

I am exciting to finally have purpose for this blog and not just my random musings on any topic- although that will probably come up as well :)


  1. Nice, Alexandria! I'm looking forward to reading more! And have you checked out my friend's blog, runninghood ( Amanda is not only a great athlete but also an impressive writer. Check it out. Also there's my blog,

  2. Thank you so much for recommending your friend's blog. I checked it out and agree with you that she is an impressive writer. Look forward to following yours and her blog!