Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thursday-Monday Workouts- January 19th-23rd

          A few postings ago I mentioned outlining the actual exercises I do when I workout so that is what this post will be dedicated to. Be aware of a few things if you wish to mimic my training plans:
(1) I am not a professional personal trainer, one day I would very much like to do that but I am not, so what is working for me may not work for you.
(2) Thursday through Monday workouts include only 2 runs and 2 lower body workout and 1 core workout. I will be posting this weeks workout-upper body, spinning, and core soon!
(3) I have been engaging in intense strength training circuits for the past 8+ months so weights that I have specified are what I personally have built up to and not something that you should begin with.
(4) I am pear shaped and after reading much literature of the subject I am currently using high repetitions and low-to-moderate weights for lower body.
(5) I am in the SLOW process of losing excess body fat and I am hoping that my two leg/glute workouts coupled with high intensity and steady state cardio will help me achieve that goal.

Without further adieu I bring you my workouts:

Thursday's leg, glute, and calve workout
40 minutes not including warmup and cooldown
Superset 1:  Standing calf raises 3X20-45lbs each hand
                   Bulgarian split squat 3X17-10lbs each hand
Straightset 1: Plié squat 3X20- 25lbs
Straightset 2: Single legged leg press 3X15-weight set at 25lbs
Superset 2: Single dead lift 1X20- 20lbs in one hand
                                            2X20- 20lbs in each hand
                  Calf raises on leg press(toes in) 3X25-145lbs
*warmup consisted of incline treadmill walking and lunging and plyometrics for 10 minutes
* cool down hatha yoga series for 7 minutes

Friday recovery/long run
1) 4 mile run (this is the third time post-partum I had run 4 miles. My goal is too increase this to 13.1 miles by year's end). My pace was a little faster than 12 minutes per mile as I ran this in 47 minutes and 24 seconds. I stretched for 7 minutes afterwards

Saturday Rest Day :-)

Sunday run- 5k tempo/sprints/jog/walk
 *I broke this down by 1/2 and 1/8 mile stints:
1st half mile: 5mph pace jog
2nd half mile: 6.5-7mph pace run
3rd half mile: 4mph pace walk
4th half mile: 1x200m sprints followed by 1x200m recovery walk repeated once more
5th half mile: 5mph pace jog
6th half mile: 6-6.5mph pace run
Final 0.1 miles light jog >5mph jog
*I briefly stretched after this run mostly calves, hip flexors, hamstrings

Monday legs, glute, and abs
40 minutes not including warmup and cooldown
Superset 1: Dead lift 4X5- 45+70
                  Planks 3X30 seconds
Superset 2: Exercise ball leg curls 3X15
                  Lateral Jump squats 3X20 *10 left then 10 right
Superset 3: Weighted hip lifts 3X18- 35lb plate on abdominals
                  Captain chair straight leg lift 3X15
superset 4: Kneeling on bench) single leg cable lifts 3X15- 20lbs
                 Bicycle 3X20
Straightset 1: Russian twist with weights 3X20
*warmup consisted of incline treadmill walking and lunging for 10 minutes
* cool down hatha yoga series for 7 minutes

This is me flexing my little bicep before my Monday swim. I am hoping and working towards that bicep to be nicely capped in a few months time. I want to have biceps that POP!

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  1. Check you out! You look good :) I went for a walk/jog around town yesterday, and I most definitely must be out of shape because my legs are hurting today. Maybe I can get a little motivation from you!