Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Absence and Eating for Nutrition

Since my semester ended nearly two months ago it has been fairly difficult to keep posting on my blog. I have had plenty of ideas to post but getting to my laptop or using the app to post has been the most difficult thing to do. My full time mommy duties are just that- full time. I love spending all day with Rocket and we are finally settling into a daily routine and I have found some time to blog again!

I proud to say that my decision to become vegan 5 months ago is still a decision that I am very happy I made.
The main reasons that I began eating an animal-free diet was (1) health and (2) not wanting to be a part of killing animals (I even have a problem with killing Mosquitos!); (2) helps me make food decisions that DO NOT involve hurting animals and (1) helps me make food decisions that will enhance my health.

Eating a vegan and nutrient-dense diet is not very difficult but does take a little creativity and preparation. Here are a few tips that I have found useful:

1) Find vegan food blogs to find recipes

2) grocery shop once a week

3) don't buy all your food in one place- buy produce on sale, shop at local farmer markets, if you are military shop at your commissary

4) if it has a label it is probably not worth your money (exceptions: salad greens, other fresh produce, non dairy milk, tofu/tempeh, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts/nut butters)

5) salads can be eaten whenever and however. Today I had a salad at breakfast with roasted beets, pear, cara citrus, and homemade raspberry vinegarette

In the spirit of posting this blog now rather than later (I have been working on this in bits and pieces for the past three days) I am posting this without the links to my favorite blogs and recipes that I repeat because they are nutrient dense. Look for both of those and pictures of what eating for nutrients can look like!

I have included pictures of Rocket, and Rocket and I from a visit we took to Maryland :-)