Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slow and Steady Weight Loss and I am Winning

Update on my two boys:

Baby Lex is going to be 4 months in two weeks and he is a cutie pie! He smiles all the time and his smiles are pure and beautiful just as all infant smiles are.

Rocket is still being amazing to Baby Lex, helping him by bringing him his baby toys and diapers. I love all the kisses and hugs Rocket gives Baby Lex.

Now for weight loss updates:

Since April 1st, I am down 16lbs. I am losing 1-2.5lbs each week and that is exactly the range I want to lose each week. My body fat percentage has dropped 6%, which is truly motivating. Also, I am out of all my maternity clothes because they are too big!

Preparing components of my meals before hand has been really instrumental for me to keep on top of eating nutrient dense salads and soups, and snacks.  For the past two weeks I have only made vegan desserts for the playgroup I am in so that I am not over eating them on my own.  This is a BIG help.

And now I am going to leave you with pictures of my two boys :)

Lex 14 weeks old taken by Shelly Pray Photography

Rocket at Easter