Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Challenge 1/3 of the way through!

It is Day 10 of the challenge and I am still going strong. I am seeing some noticeable difference in my energy levels as I am working out, and all other times. Something else that is noticeable is that fact that I am much stronger than I previously thought and it shows. Really starting to see the muscular definition throughout my body and less cellulite on the back of my hips and bum (three loud huzzah's for that one)!

Running is still a priority for me as I have cut a couple challenge workouts short, knowing that I needed to run later on that day.  I know I could probably do both the runs and the challenge a few times a week, but since the cardio component of the HIIT challenge is so predominant I am cautious to not overuse those muscles.  My knees and ankles have always been susceptible to injuries because of overuse.  As I get older, I am highly aware of the damage I did in during my high school athletic days and do not want to worsen those injuries.  This is working so far for me.

Eating nutrient-dense meals are very important for my to maintain energy levels and produce nutritious breast milk for my little guy.  Somedays I feel that my diet is higher in fat than it might be if I was not breastfeeding. Since the fats that I eat are whole food sources like nuts and seeds, I feel that I am truly providing my baby with milk filled with essential fatty acids for healthy brain development.  Dark, leafy greens, beans, and lentils also make up a a fair portion of my daily meals.

My favorite seeds to eat currently are hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  I am planning on making a hemp seed salad dressing once my almond butter dressing runs out in a few days.  My husband and I get all of our hard to find foods like hemp seeds and chia seeds from Vitacost, which sells those items as well as gluten free items, athletic supplements, protein powders, ect.  Check them out as some of their items are really inexpensive compared to buying it at the store.  For example chia seeds are $8.99-10.99 a pound on Vitacost; whereas at out local WinCo, chia seeds are $13.49  per pound.

That is it for now, eat healthy foods and exercise often even if it is walking around your neighborhood.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preparing Meals in Advance: Snack and Lunch Edition. Links to the foods that I made this past week

Back when I was commuting to school and gone from my house for 5-7 hours, 5 days a week, preparing my meals in advance always worked in my favor. Now that I am a stay-at-home parent, preparing meals in advance, although a little chaotic on the day(s) of preparation is wonderful for the next 3-6 days when food is just a few minutes away from being done and most important eaten.

This past week, I was heavily inspired by the Angela's OhSheGlows blog and made many of her recipes.  They all turned out so well as usual!

I made the following meals/snacks from the OhSheGlows blog:

PB banana bars

7 vegetable cheez soup

Chia bread

I did not take any picture of the food I made, so definitely click on the links to check out her amazing recipes!!

I also made this meal which were inspired from both Susan V's Fatfreevegan blog and Gina's Choosing Raw blog:

Chickpea salad (like a chicken/tuna salad) which I wrapped in raw collard leaves (this is the tutorial on how to use raw collard leaves as wraps.

Finally I made 3 salads in a jar which I was inspired by Kathy's Health Happy Life vegan food blog. My salads were very simple: orgainc romaine lettuce, purple cabbage shredded, edamama, homemade miso orange tahini dressing, and quinoa.

This week coming up I will make recipes from the blogs: Peas and Thank You and Heathy Happy Life and My Vegan Cookbook.

I hope that this blog post has introduced you to some of my favorite vegan food blogs and will also inspire you make some delicious vegan food!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 3 of BodyRockTv Challenge

This is Day 3 of the BodyrockTv 30 day Challenge and I am sore! Not crippling sore, but my muscles have definitely let me know that they have been working HARD these three days.  Well, really four days-I did a workout also on Sunday before the challenge started!

Recently my workout's have occurred in the AM rather than the afternoons like previously.  I am finding that working out within an hour of waking up ensures that my workout is complete and I can run errands, play with my children, clean, make lunch, dinner, snacks without worrying about when I will fit my workout in during the day. Today I was decided to do 1/3 of the workout from the challenge. This was 20 minutes of spider push-ups, squat and press, core work, step ups, clean and press (my favorite exercise currently), a lot of jumping rope, and lunges.  The workout was split into three parts 20 minute circuits and I was only able to complete the first 20 minutes before Rocket woke up from sleeping.  Once Rocket was awake I was more than sufficiently warmed up and pumped up from the HIIT workout to do a 25-30 minute run. I had a feeling that I should get my run in before the day truly began because there was a good chance that I would convince myself that I could put the run off until Thursday. My short run turned into a 55 minute run/walk. My total mileage was 4 miles--which is pretty awesome.  My average mile per hour was 13:45. I included a couple of walking breaks as I realized that once I had run 20 minutes that I wanted to run a long run.  As this run has been the farthest and longest I have run for, I knew that I should not push myself to hard so I walked .2 miles per 1 mile.

To fuel both workouts I juiced half a cucumber, 5 beet greens, 2 celery stalks, 1 apple, 1 beet, 2 carrots. I drank half before my HIIT workout and the other half before my run. Total I drank about 15 ounces. A little sweet so next time I will use half an apple. 

Below is a picture of the weights I am currently using while doing the challenge. I forgot to take a picture of one of my dinning room chairs as I also use that for step ups and tricep dips. I added a picture of Lex above since I sometimes use him as a weight as well

Monday, October 7, 2013

30 Day Challenge and Creating a Mindset for Success

Okay, last post I mentioned that I wanted to set goals for October and I was racking my head on what I wanted to accomplish this month. While I was on Pinterest I was looking through my HIIT (high intensity interval training) board and came across a pin from BodyRockTv that I have been eyeing to do. Once I viewed the video I was like "heck yes I will do this workout". 12 minutes later I was done and the workout was killer. 

After my workout I started looking through their current post and saw that they had a 30 day real time challenge starting October 7th. I read the instructions and thought to myself why not, this sounds like it would be really intense but I can do it

This morning after I drank a small glass of freshly pressed carrot, kale, orange, cucumber juice; set the boys up to be distracted (toys, puzzles, and some learning tv) and begun my workout. 43 minutes later I was exhilarated and pushed harder than I have been in awhile. Towards the end of my workout Lex had gotten restless so I picked him up and used him as a weight. He had fun and I continued my workout. He is nearly 25lbs now at 8 months!!!

As the day progressed, my shoulders, glutes, abs, quads began getting sore and I thought maybe I would do the 30 day challenge every other day. Finally it hit me that being pushed each day for 4 weeks WILL only get me STRONGER. Lisa the creator of the BodyRockTv 30 day challenge pointed out that their will be active rest days, yoga days so I am confident that although I will be pushed to my limits somedays, I will not injure myself. 

Likewise I remember that in basic training I was constantly being pushed beyond my limits sometimes and I was fine. The only injury I sustained was spraining my ankle which was because of rucking on uneven terrain. That will not be the case this time as my workouts will be done in my home or the gym. 

Running is still a priority for me. This months goal is to slowly get up to running 5 miles for my long run. Currently I am at 3.25. No need to rush increasing my mileage as the half marathon is not until March. Walking is completely permitted as my time on the road increases.

This week I am looking forward to doing a long walk/jog for an hour. 

Tomorrow will be an intense 50 minute HIIT workout. 

I last ran on Sunday for 25 minutes so Wednesday no matter what the challenge workout is I am running. I can already anticipate the sore body I will have. Sore muscles means stronger body. 

If there are any days that I have to miss because those things happen, I know it will be okay. 

Ready! Set! Success! 

(Adding links and pictures tomorrow)