Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting into the swing of things.

Me after cycling :) Maybe next time I will flex for you!
          This is the second week of the spring semester and I have promised myself to dedicate the same amount of time to my workouts (including planning and executing) as I do my class work/home work.  That being said, I am taking a Spinning class every Wednesday. Today was my first day and I will say that I kicked butt at it and enjoy it immensely.  I am not a huge fan of treadmills, upright or recumbent bikes, and especially the elliptical machine so I was a little anxious about whether or not I would enjoy Spin class and the verdict is in- I do!! I love the high pace (and intensity), high energy and especially the group dynamic. Before the class I went to the university's gym and did a 10 minute core-focused warm-up and I definitely liked going into class with my energy already up so I will be repeating that for next week's class. 

 Workouts for the rest of the week!

Thursday: Upper body focus with heavy weights.  Using the 5X5 method; meaning I am going to do 5 sets of a exercise for 5 repetitions. for cardio I am going to go to the stadium bleachers and do sprints up and walks down for 25 minutes. 

Friday: Lower body focus with medium or light weights or bodyweight depending on exercise performed (I will post exactly what I did in a few days!) I will be doing the exercises for higher repetitions and shorter sets- i.e. 3X15-20.  No Cardio for the day but I will be doing an extended Hatha yoga stretching series afterwards.

Saturday and Sunday will be be active recovery days with light jog/brisk walking :)
Until next time :) stay active and eat yummy healthy food.


  1. Oh my! Already you look fabulous - it's gonna be hard to imagine you even more beautiful than you are now. You're dong great!

  2. :-) thank you so much Whitney!!! I feel great and that is always motivation to keep doing all the good things that I do for my body and mind.

  3. You look great, Alex! Hopefully I can find my motivation again to kick the last 15 pounds that I want to lose..keep it up :)

  4. Is it easy to feel the need to drop weight as fast as possible but I think adopting a new healthy habit each week is the best way to begin losing weight. I started out with green smoothies: fruit smoothies with spinach or romaine lettuce and now I sometimes will put kale or watercress in there. Super yummy and gives me great engery in the morning or after a workout.