Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Live for the Weekends so I Can Plan My Meals

Especially now that the semester is in full swing, the weekends are my time to organize, meal plan and prep, do laundry, and RELAX. Haha on the relaxing part but I do spend a lot of quality time with Lee and Rocket so that is the most important use of my time.

The second most important use of my time is....

Meal Planning:

A thing on meal planning for me is that it is essential to my sanity during the week. On Saturday I shop for fresh fruit and veggies and any odds and ends needed for the week and on Sunday I spend about two hours cooking and chopping up vegetables for the next couple of days. Ever since I started during this 4 or 5 months ago I practically ensure myself a super healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I have come home late ever blue moon or so only to make myself a pb and jelly sandwich and a bowl of Kashi with soy milk for dinner- but those nights are the exception and not the rule!). Examples of meals that I have planned out-

Breakfast: green smoothies, big green salad with fresh fruit and 1oz of raw nuts, oatmeal with fruit or cheezy buckwheat groats with spinach or kale
Lunch: homemade vegetable and bean/lentil soups (any variety), raw vegetables and hummus in pita bread, bean and rice burrito with a big green salad, quinoa and edamame salad with raw vegetables
Snacks (post workout snack): chia seed protein pudding, hemp or pea/rice fruit smoothies, pb and jelly sandwich on ww
Dinner: vegan enchiladas, tofu and vegetable stir fries, beans and brown rice with kale and peppers

The combinations of food that I have created far exceed what I have listed above but the list serves to exemplify the types of food that I eat on a weekly based. The list further serves a purpose that with proper planning nutritious and delicious meals during a busy work week are completely possible!

Happy meal planning to you :-)


  1. I was reading something about meal planning the other day and I'm pretty sure I should start doing it. It seems so much smarter for me because I usually end up forgetting what I went to the store for, or buying stuff I don't need. For a person like me who has so many cravings, it would probably help :)

    1. Before meal planning I would make so many random trips to the grocery story, ugh! That was not such a problem before Rocket but now that is a different so now I think I also spend less money each week on groceries than before.