Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quality Runs

This has been my week for running and I am loving it!

Two 3+ mile runs
One 2.5 mile track workout
One 1.5 mile fast-as-I-can run planned tomorrow after my short total body circuit of compound upper and lower body exercises

The beginning of February was my attempt to do planned 1 hour long muscle builder workouts. This worked only for me when I did not have a lot of school work to deal with. But since that best case scenario happens only once or twice a month I need to be able to adapt quickly to workouts that are short, yet incredibly effective.

This is a learning process for me more so now that I am a mother and a student. Well that is my post for the week unless I am inspired to discuss more of my fitness and mommy dilemmas or insights.


  1. Nice runs! Running is my favorite part of working out :)

    1. Me too! Running allows me to zone out. I always feel mentally relaxed and physically pumped up.