Sunday, March 18, 2012

A bicep comparison: January and March

My upper body is cut! Well it is much more defined than it was just two months ago and I have the pictures to show it. My bicep has not popped the way I want yet but I am still curling and doing (assisted) pull ups to facilitate the bicep head to make its grand entrance. Overall still very happy with the progress I have made so far.

Took my measurements on Thursday and I have lost an inch off my hips and 1/2 an inch from my waist. ((two thumbs up for me)). My lower body still lags behind my upper in terms of cut and body fat, but as a pear shape I know it will take a while until I can see my leg and glute muscles.

Sometimes I would like to increase my cardio to two times a day and that may happen once the semester ends, but at the time I really only have time for the one workout.

As usual on a Sunday night I look forward to my Monday workout.


  1. Love it! I was inspired to document my own bicep. I'll post it in my PEERtrainer log.

    1. :-) I will pop over there to check it out! I am sure your guns are A-Mazing with your 2-3 time weekly arm and shoulder workouts!!

  2. You look really good! Wish I had your motivation...hopefully once this cold or whatever the heck it is goes away I'll get back to exercising again. And btw, love the dress :)