Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Inspiration Board

Take a look at my new inspiration board I just put together! This is obviously my fitness inspiration board oppose to my travel or bucket list inspiration board. The woman that are on my board are fit, muscular, and athletic. I will use this board as an additional visual motivation to stay active and healthy.

More important than active and healthy is listening to my body so that I only strengthen it and not accidentally injure it by over training. Overtraining is something that I will probably not fall victim to because I have learned to take rest days when I feel that I truely need the time to recover from an especially vigorous. Tomorrow I am planning to run/walk 5 miles. And before I forget I have to find a 5k to run in April and a 10k to run in May.

By the way all the women on my board have been fitness models for Oxygen Magazine and most if not all are Pro Bodybuilders.

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