Saturday, April 21, 2012


Good news: I am now officially a sprint triathlon participate!!!

More Good news: I swam, biked, and ran the whole course without any need to stop for cramps or fatigue!

And Even More Good News: I was the LAST person to finish. Why this is good news for me because I set out to complete all the events in a timely manner. 1:38 in my opinion is a very timely manner :-) in addition there were only 14 relays/single participates. Last out of 14- not to bad, not to bad.

The Vega Sport powders were a big help in keeping me fueled because I feel terrific after the race.

For the rest of my day I hope to take a nap when Rocket takes his nap.

Lee and Rocket came down to the race with me and they were a big motivation so I am thanking them both for their support!

Have a great day!

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