Monday, April 2, 2012

Does someone want PIZZA...I do!

A few posts ago I mentioned how I was kind of having a pizza crazing. At the time I was also having a polenta craving so the polenta pizza was made. This time what I really really wanted was the chewy pizza crust, the sweet pasta sauce, and some really good cheez :-). This pizza that I made this time around had all those things and bonus was super easy to make. And did I mention DELICIOUS, because in case you were wondering it was!


1) Mostly whole wheat crust Pizza Crust
(1 giant pizza or two medium size- I made two medium)
2) Newman's Own Sockaroni pasta sauce
3) Mozz -style cheez Mozz Cheez
4) Veggie toppings of your choice. I used broccoli, Roma tomatoes, orange pepper

Because I made two medium size pizzas the second one I did something a little different.  I downloaded many vegan food apps as I was transitioning and there are oodles of recipes I have yet to try.  On the VeganYumYum app there is a recipe for white bean pesto and asparagus tart that I have been eying for months.  I finally made it and instead of puff pastry which the recipe calls for I used the whole pizza dough keeping it on the thick side. 

White bean pesto and asparagus tart.  I only used half the the white bean spread since I had split the pizza dough recipe in half.  After sprinkling nutritional yeast and my favorite all purpose seasoning: Zatarins Creole Seasoning it was PERFECT. 
I hope you get to try these pizza recipes out. Homemade is always worth the trouble.

My next post I will get back to discussing my current training plan which is centered on me completing in a Sprint Triathlon.  If you noted I said completing and not competing :) It will be my first so my focus is just on completing the race and not necessarily placing in it YET!!

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