Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finding Balance

Recently I completed a 21-day meditation challenge that was sponsored by Deepak Chopra and Oprah. I recommend anyone to try the next challenge, especially if you are interested in meditating and are not sure how to do it without losing focus. I especially loved repeating the mantras during the prescribed meditation period. That allowed me to focus on one thing, which in turns allows all the other dozens of things running through my head to not be prominent. 

It is rather easy for me to get caught up planing and then completely the little tasks that need to get done each day.  Exercising and especially practicing yoga  has helped correct my imbalances and also helps link my breath to the flow of my body. What I have been missing from my practice was meditating, which I now know helps me silence my mind from all the planning that I do. 

This picture was taken at Whatcom Falls in Bellingham, WA. During my meditation, I picture this and the ocean. Water flowing relaxes me. 

Now that I am no longer doing the challenge I have created my own meditation rituals. I find a mantra that resonates with me, I play music by Peter Davidison, from his cd titled Adiago: Music for Meditating. Once the music begins I lay in corpse pose in my bed, take several slow and deep breaths and then I begin to repeat my mantra in my head. After completed this I turn off the music and go to bed, falling into a deep sleep effortless. This is heavenly because I frequently find it difficult to fall asleep even when I am tired. The cause is that my mind is still busy, busy;from planning the next day. Meditating at night as helped that tremendously. I don't need to plan as much, just as long as I have a general idea of what needs to get done or made than I am good to go. 

Me in tree pose. Namaste! 

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