Sunday, September 29, 2013

My 5k at the Bellingham Bay Marathon

Bellingham Bay Marathon 5k race was a fun and beautiful course to run. It was relatively easy although the terrain was not flat throughout. For me that made the race fun and slightly challenging. 

Race day was drizzly but not frigid. A long sleeve shirt, my neon blue race t-shirt and capri running tights were more than enough to kept me warm after I started running. 

As for the run itself, I did smashingly. I ran the 5k in 30:54, which is much faster than my goal of running 12 minute miles. My lovely friend who lives in Bellingham watched my kiddos for me during the race. Because I had no stroller to push, my pace was naturally faster so much so that my average minutes per mile were 9:57. A very excited whoop of laughter escaped me when I read that final race results online. 

Before the race, my friend and I snapped a couple pictures with my iPhone. Here they are: 

And one with me and my boys :-)

That is it for now. Next time my post should be about current training plans or November goals. 


  1. that is awesome! When my exams are over at the end of october i am going to sign up for another 5k. Glad it went great. The boys are growing so fast!

    1. 5k races are so fun to run! I remember when I used to dread running them in high school now I look forward to them. I still get a nervous knot in my belly right before it starts but as soon as I am running I am like 'let's do this'

      Good luck on the rest of your exams Amanda!

      Looking forward to seeing some 5k race pictures in the upcoming months,