Friday, September 27, 2013

First Race of the Fall!

September 29, 2013 will mark the beginning of my race season! I am very excited because I really enjoy the thrill of running in races. My goal is to run this up coming  5k, a trail 5k on October 20th, and a 10k on November 13th. The ultimate goal of my upcoming races is that I continue running and increasing my mileage  throughout the fall and into winter so I can run the half-marathon in the spring. I am not exactly sure what to expect as far as how cold and rainy it gets her in Tacoma, but since most of my runs will be with my boys in the double jogger, I will be running as frequently as I can.

The race is called the Bellingham Bay Marathon. As the name suggest that day there will be a marathon; also there will be a half-marathon and a 5k. It is just recently that I have been able to run a 5k while pushing a double jogger. My goal is to run the whole race while pushing my two boys in our jogger.

Currently I can complete a 5k run in about 37 minutes. This impresses me because my former slow running pace without a stroller was 12 minutes per mile; which means that without a jogger I should be running closer to a 10:45-11 minute mile split. The more I run faster I will become so that in a year's time I should be back to running a 5k in 25 minutes or less. This is really exciting. 

Also in Bellingham, WA I will be visiting a dear friend of mine who is also the boys godmother so that is an added excitement! 

That is it for now, until my post-race blog update. 

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