Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Month and Different Focus

The eve of December brings such glad tidings for me! First off, the end of my semester is next week as I have mentioned before and I am SO happy about that. Second, in a previous post I explained how the next month will be daycare free (i.e. no baby playmates for Rocket) well I am glad to say that we have just be accepted into a playgroup in Fayetteville area- so YAYYY for him and for me :-) Those were the two most important changes or happenings that December will bring.

"And now for something completely different"- I love Monty Python and the Flying Circus; I am currently losing weight and have been since I gave birth nearly 11 months ago. This weight lost is a concerted effort to not only get to my goal weight of 125lbs- I am currently 152lbs, but also become much better at eating a healthy plant based diet. Although I know the things needed to make that work I like many others have my slip ups that sometimes only last for a meal or other times a week. Not that I want this to be a weight loss blog but I wanted to give myself another reason to be accountable to the things I eat by sharing on the interweb my goal weight and how I intend to get there. And because I love lists so much here are the three ways that I will continue to lose the extra weight I have:

(1) eat a plant based diet- no diary,no meat, natural occurring oils only (avocados, nuts and seeds). Most days this is not a problem and now I am finding it easier to not to eat processed foods and foods containing diary and meat.

(2) do a combination of moderate intensity cardio and interval cardio as well as full body circuit training. Overall my goal has been to be active 5-6 days a week. Most weeks I easily achieve this.

(3) be kind to myself and if I stray from my plan not to lose control and completely forget why I want to eat a more natural and wholesome diet and why I want to strengthen my body.

Well that is enough for now. By the way because I did not mention this before I have lost 82lbs since the birth of my son.


  1. wow. 82pounds. how old is rocket? good job maam. i think 125 seems a little light for you. how tall are you? i weigh something like 120. i stopped weighing myself mostly. I just want to feel good. right now i don't. i ate pasta 2 days in a row, and i feel awful, so today i just had fruit and shrimp and more fruit with yogurt and nuts.
    What motivates you to not eat dairy? I really struggle with this. not having a glass of milk is easy, but i struggle to not cook with diary and giving up cheese is super hard, i love cheese and i eat yogurt a lot. its such a good source of protein.
    how about eggs or other animal products like honey?

  2. I am 5'3 and medium build. According to a height and weight chart my healthy weight range is approximately 115-141. My goal is 125lb but I am not overly concerned with that specific number but I know that even at my lowest weight of 137, I still had a significant amount of fat left on my body (shoulder shrug). Since I am not restricting my calories I feel as if I am going to plateau eventually and when I do that will be my natural healthy weight. I am not going to lie and say that my ideal body form is not unlike an Oxygen model so my goal is fit not skinny.
    As for eliminating dairy- some days are easier than others but I can say that I have eliminated about 90% of the diary I used to consume. I cook and bake with soy/almond/coconut milk and that has been working great for me. As for cheese I will occasionally succumb to the pizza fiend but than afterwards I am constipated :-( so that is becoming less frequent.