Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Goals, Ect..

I know that it is not the middle of the month yet but I wanted to assess my goals at the week in a half marker just so that I know where I am and what I can do to reach my goals each week.

(1) Running 3 times a week. Last week I ran two times a week so I am still going to count that as a win because two is better than one.  This week I am not going to flake out on my Friday run like I did last week!  I have already run once this week on Monday. It was a hill workout on the treadmill and it was only 1 mile, but I can promise you that 1 mile was TOUGH. My max incline was 17% which is killer.

(2) Meditate once (+) a week.  Last week I really did not meditate but I did have a couple of quiet moments to myself while I did yoga. Rocket was clinging to me while I was in Mountain pose but I did have a moment of reflection so I am going to count that as a kind of win.

(3) Reading Martin's "A Dance...":  I did read a few chapters so another win for me.

(4)  Read to my son everyday.  I read to Rocket 3 times last week. I think I am not picking the right times to read to him because he usually crawls out of my lap after just a few pages.  So I am going to count that as a lost because it is really imperative that I read to him everyday. Monday I did read to him even it was only a for a few minutes. 

(5) Turn in quality paper...I added the (...) because next week is when my first paper is due.  I have checked out three books to assist me with my paper on "Eastern Religions Influence on the Western Society".  Boring title, I know but the content should be fairly interesting. 

(6) Declare November a "no meat month".  I ate meat three days in a row over the weekend. So another lose for me.  Monday was a meatless day and so is Tuesday so far ((thumbs ups)). I am looking forward to the rest of the week also being meatless.

(7) Getting Rocket to sleep in the crib regularly. The opposite has happened these last 5 days as Rocket is still sleeping peacefully and cozily next to me and Lee in our bed. Another lose ((disappointed sigh)) I need to resist my desire to have Rocket sleep with us. 

and finally

(8) Washing the dishes at night rather than in the morning.  I have washed the dishes at about a half and half rate each night/morning.  This is a higher ratio than before so I am going to say that I am kind of winning at this. 

I hope to do this again sometime next week because this definitely holds me accountable to the goals that I make for myself! 

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