Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 4 and 5 Postpartum

Last week (week 4) began my earnest attempt to eat a nutrient rich plant based diet and begin cutting out the junk. I started strong and as all attempting to change their eating habits do. Day 1 and 2 I was the immaculate eater, but then on Wednesday I thought I would make homemade vegan almond joy candies. I did and they were delicious but by bed that night they also were over halfway gone. My husband had two pieces (out of 25 pieces) and Rocket had two. Whelp. The next morning I woke up craving -you guessed it my homemade candies. So that was that- I practically ate all the candies except four. True it was my birthday but still it was a little excessive. Fast forward to the next day after and I made banana bread. In two days I ate it all. About 10 servings. That is pretty much all I ate except a few things here and there but again- the the thing. Crazy right? I will answer that it is crazy and excessive.

I think I am finding a pattern here. I eat sweets in excess. I keep reading that to stop craving sugary and flour desserts, you must increase vegetable intake. So on Sunday I bought a lot of vegetables and fruit to get me back on track. I am on track-thank goodness so we will see what the rest of week 5 postpartum will bring. The important thing that I must remember is that I am doing this for me, to reclaim the body that I still picture in my mind's eye. I am fit and athletic in my head and the mirrors reveal to me and remind me that I am far from that.

On the upside, my exercise habits are becoming consistent. Lifting weights power walking, and yoga are helping me to feel and get strong again.

Another accomplishment, despite poor eating habits is that lost 2lbs. Yippie! 195 to 193lbs.

I took pictures of me a couple weeks postpartum and I will take updated one month postpartum pictures soon. I will do a two month postpartum pictures when baby Lex is around two months old. This will help keep me motivated to not only exercise consistently but also eat for nourishment cutting the junk out to impress you readers of my progress :-).

Eating clean is the missing link that is preventing me from becoming fit and athletic again. I mentioned a short term goal last post but that was about weight loss; my short term fitness goal is to begin running this week. My long term weight loss goal is to fit back into my size 6 jeans while my long term fitness goal is to run half a marathon. Both of my weight loss and fitness goals I want to accomplish by the time baby Lex is 18 months old.

Cheers to accomplishing my short term goals to accomplish long term goals. Until next week.

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