Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 and 6 weeks postpartum

I have lost an additional 2lbs this past week. This puts my weight loss to a total of 31lbs. Very happy about this. This past Sunday I started a walk to run 5k program through the Runkeeper App on my phone. I formerly used Nike Run app but the reviews went from great to terrible in my 9 month absence from running so I decided to use Runkeeper. Since Runkeeper has various training plans I can utilize, I felt that I made a great choice. As long as the GPS reports accurately I will be happy as Rocket when he gets a Popsicle, which is pretty darn happy. The mapmyfitness app had a terrible GPS for running and biking.

I have done a jog/walk for 1.56 miles the first day which was Sunday, The second run on Tuesday was a "sprint"-walk which I did for 2.01 miles. Tomorrow is another jog/walk for 1.5 miles. Looking forward to it. My knees are a little achy today but I wore really craptastic flats all day instead of my running or walking shoes: lesson learned the hard way. Around the house and running errands I must wear supportive footwear.

My weight training is still consistent this week which is important to my continued weight loss since muscle burns more calories than fat does.

In terms of how eliminating excess sugar from my diet is working out- that is still so so. More often than not, nutrient-rich whole plant foods dominate my meals. Not stress eating so much, just my insane sugar tooth that keeps me wanting and than eating the sweets. I would love to eat dessert once a week instead of every day, therefore that is my goal for the next seven days.

Update on my two boys: Baby Lex and Rocket are both thriving. Rocket is very sweet with his baby brother which I am very happy about. And Lex is being the best 6 week baby he can be :-)

Here is a picture of Baby Lex looking around in my arms after his morning nursing.


  1. how adorable! I fell way behind on my running after the 5k because that is the day i was diagnosed with GERD and i wasn't eating enough to run. i was literally starving, because eating created a lot of pain. i hope to start running 3 times a week again.

    1. I am going to research what GERD is because I am not familiar with that.
      I am back to walking again 2 days of the week and when Lee is home all day on the weekends I run/walk. This is working much better for me now. I was doing too much too soon.
      Now that I have taken a step back in my fitness routine, I am not burning myself out.

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