Sunday, March 3, 2013

The plan- diet and exercise

Exercise plan:

>15-20 minutes of walking or yoga each morning before eating breakfast

>25-30 minutes of weight lifting circuits, Plyo/cardio interval circuits 5 days a week
Mon- legs and butt
Tues-chest and back and shoulders
Wed- triceps and biceps
Thurs- shoulders and leg plyometrics
Fri- walk or yoga
Sat- upper body plyometrics
Sun- walk or yoga

Meal plan:

>Breakfast: green smoothie or overnight oats with greens powder mixed with water or oatmeal with fruits/seeds/nuts and greens powder mixed with water

>Lunch: veggie/avocado/hummus sandwich or bean/lentil soup with starchy root vegetables and greens or giant salad with leftover veggies/grain/bean

>Dinner: veggie stir fry, whole grain pilaf, tofu/edamame or bean and veggie and grain dish.

>Snacks: raw veggie and hummus, apple or banana with pb, pb sandwich with non dairy milk, protein powder mixed with greens powder and non dairy milk (choose 2 or 3 each day)

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