Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Week of Muscle Building Workout... COMPLETED

This is a workout program I can stick to for the next 3 weeks! I had my doubts at first because I have ALWAYS been more of a circuit-type workout person, but I have to say that this program even with all it's rest-in-between sets definitely giving me the workout I wanted.

To add to the above using the plan makes my evening less congested with "things I need to plan for the next day" which is sometimes an extensive list. The Sunday through Friday workout, working most body parts just once (excluding abs which are twice) also allows me to fully recover before working that body part again.

My only snags that I encountered were that I probably used weights a little heavier then I should have since my legs have FINALLY gotten back to a non-sore state. And today for my shoulders, back, biceps, abs because I only had 40 minutes to workout I had to cut some of the exercises in the workout plan. Next week I should not have those time restraints.

Tomorrow is my 5 mile run day- Wish me luck!!

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