Friday, February 10, 2012

Second Week of Muscle Building

This has not been the week for exercising. Although I did workout out 3 times this week, the only day that I partially stuck to my plan was Wednesday and that was only the spin part.

On Sunday night I food poisoned myself- not washing my hands after going to the grocery store and eating Oreos in the car ride hold was probably the culprit. In addition to Sunday and Mondays break from running, pool, and gym: today's long run was cancelled due to the fact that both my son and I have chest colds, his being more hardcore because he is only 13 months old. I have not run outside which has been a little tough on me as I love running, but honestly I just don't want to be sick anymore. Today I feel much better than I did yesterday but since Rocket is worse and could not go to daycare, I am home with him and will not take him out for a run.

Not giving up on my 4 week plan because I still DID get two strength training circuits in on Tuesday and Thursday so I did not retard my weeks prior accomplishment in the gym.

That pretty much sums up my week. I have a recipe to share so hopefully I can finish the instructions and post that this weekend.

One final success: I am 141lbs. I am pretty happy about this number because when I joined the National Guard my big almost NoGo was that I was 14lbs overweight. At the end of training I weighed 147lbs from 156lbs at the start of basic training. So the success is that I have changed my diet completely to a vegan, plant-strong diet and when coupled with a sound exercise plan I am losing weight without restricting my caloric intake. Now that is IMPRESSIVE!!

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