Monday, December 22, 2014

Making Goals into Reality

Health and Fitness Goals

This past few days I have been working making my goals stick for the long run. I am glad that I wrote them down in ink and paper and again by typing them. 

Apps I am currently using

I love my iPhone apps because they help me track and keep myself accountable for my current goals. These apps are: 


Welios is a newer app for me. It is a great app for motivating and inspiring you to reach your health and fitness goals. Users who are winning and struggling with their health and fitness goals post regularly and I have related with each end of the spectrum. 

So far I have upped my running and yoga practice in conjunction with my weight lifting because other users have reminded me through their inspiring posts that a combination of lifting, running (biking, swimming), and yoga are what works for me,  I have posted regularly for the past week and this also helped me to consistently eat healthy and according to my goals.

Family and Personal Creativity Goals

My boys have also watched less TV and we have had some additional quality puzzle, blocking building, and reading time together so this is also another win!

As for letter writing to my lovely friends, I have been working on sending personalized Holiday cards to friends and family, so another win!

Finally, my personal creativity goal is has not been as daily as I would like but I have seen set time for myself to journal so I am happy with this!

Screen shots and pictures from the past five days or so on choices I am making to achieve my healthy and fit goals. 

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