Saturday, December 28, 2013

Macro Meals and January Goals

The macrobiotic diet was first introduced to me when I read Alicia Silvestone's "The Kind Diet" in 2011. It is a lifestyle diet that is rooted in Japanese cuisine. Simple whole food meals that utilize the benefits of fermented foods and sea vegetables to maximize the nutritional profile of grain, tofu/bean, vegetable dishes. Miso soup is a part of most meals, fruit is an accent to dishes, and most important for me is that all the recipes I have come across are really easy to put together. 

For quite some time, I have wanted to move towards eating more sea vegetables. Think: wakame, hijika, nori, kombu seaweeds. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, tempeh, miso paste are also staples in a macro diet. I have been a little distracted in incorporating those foods in my diet again as I have been baking cookies. Eating large quantities of cookies and candies have led to more poor eating habits. Moderation in indulgent eating is something that remains a mystery to me. 

Feeling lethargic is not something that I am used to but when I eat a lot of sugar and white flour containing foods, that is what happens to me. I have felt truely unmotivated to do even the basic of tasks. >>> I have a mountain of laundry that is not going to put itself away. <<<

So this is me creating a end of December  and January goal for myself: 

1. Get back to eating more Macro Meals! 

I need to replenish the dwindling supply of healthy gut bacteria by eating more fermented foods. 

As for eating more sea vegetables, I have a healthy supply of wakame, nori, kombu, and hijika in my cupboard so no need to buy any right now. I just have to USE IT! 

My workouts have been so-so, this past week fairly non existent but the week before I did 4 workouts. It is hard to have the desire to workout after eating 2 dozen cookies in 3 days. I know that once I COMPLETELY removed the sugar and white flour from my diet, my desire to workout will return. For now I will not make any sweeping exercise goals and just focus on eating more whole foods again. 

This is me at around 165lbs. If I was eating healthier around this weight I would not be so concerned; that is not the case. My weight has plateaued here for the past few months because of poor food choices; therefore, I am looking forward to recommitting myself to healthy eating habits again. 

Are there any dietary goals that you are looking forward to accomplishing in the near future? 

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  1. you are looking great! keep up the motivation. its a new year. new goals, new leaf. I really want to cut out processed foods. no more cheeze its! and recommit to not eating bad meats. Stick to meat from my dads farm and sustainable seafood. I also want to run when it warms up. im planning to do a couple 5ks!