Monday, October 31, 2011

November Goals

Last October I wrote down a few goals that I wanted to work on during the month and I found that to be helpful, especially after giving those written goals a once over during the middle of the month to see how I was doing. This month I like to do the same thing so here they go:

Goals for November
1. Run 3X a week
2. Meditate one or more times each week.
3. Finish reading George RR Martin's "A Dance with Dragons"
4. Read to my son every day (and not Martin's book).
5. Turn in quality papers for the two classes that I have papers due in.
6. Declare November "no meat month"
7. Get Rocket sleeping REGULARLY in his crib rather the bed with Lee and I.
8. Wash dishes the night before rather than the morning (gross I know).

I am sure that there are more things I would like to work on but I think that for now those are the most important to me.

Happy month of November :-)

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